Professional Development

"The training  was one of the best professional development trainings we have had in years."  

Megan McGowan, M.S., Head of Lower School, Jemicy School

"The training was an eye opener. I continually found myself saying, 'Wow, why didn't someone teach it to me this way?'"

"This teacher is a huge fan because of what I've seen with my students in such a short time. "

"Teachers . . . gave highly positive reports about the methods and structure and are excited to begin using the strategies to teach math"

"I am so impressed by the care and professionalism, detail and quality put into the training today."



Mathematics can be a complex and challenging topic for students and teachers.

The changes that continue in education have changed and challenged many teachers ways of delivering instruction in the classroom.

Many traditional methods have been proven to be less effective and the need to transform learning to meet research-based math practice standards is critical.

The Perceptions Math System has been taught to many amazing administrators and teachers in districts across the United States and in other countries. Below is a short list of schools that have received training in the Perceptions Math System and Manipulatives:

  • Aiken Public Schools
  • Albuquerque Public Schools
  • Carmel Clay Schools
  • Cobb County Schools
  • Dublin City Schools
  • Fremont County District #21
  • Garland Public Schools
  • Hartford Public Schools
  • Joliet Public Schools
  • New York City Schools
  • Santa Rosa County (FL) Public Schools
  • Stockton Unified School District
  • Virginia Beach Public Schools

Private Schools:

  • Jemicy School in Owings Mills, Maryland
  • Trident Academy in Mt. Pleasant, SC
  • Fortune Academy in Indianapolis, IN
  • The Country Day School in Costa Rica

Today, Perceptions Math continues to support the improvement of student understanding in mathematics.  If you would like a presentation or an in-service for your teachers, please call Angie at 800-745-8212 or email for information. 

Implementation                           & Support

Each district, school, teacher, parent, and student is unique. There is no "one" way to do anything and each training is shaped to meet the unique needs of those involved.  However, in order to provide some guidance the following is what we feel is the best plan of action.

District/School-wide Implementations:

  1. On-Site Professional Development - This is ideal for training groups of teachers.  Length of training would depend on content levels desired.  A minimum of 1-day is needed for any level of instruction.
  2. On-Site Follow-up Visit - After the initial professional development training, a return visit should be planned to help solidify the initial training.  During this on-site visit, we will work with teachers to understand what is working, what they are struggling with, and how to effectively teach using a multi-sensory methodology.
  3. Administration Oversight - A new feature that is available in 2019 is the Administration Panel that allows leaders to directly view the usage of a teacher in the system.  This provides information on the fidelity of the implementation.
  4. Additional Support - We will be available to do online video support sessions to answer additional questions and provide support to any teachers or administrators needing it.
  5. Parental Involvement - One of the biggest keys in a child's education is the involvement of a parent. We have options that give parents direct access to the instructional materials, including the videos, to help the parents understand what is being taught to their students in the classroom during the intervention period. This will help parents feel like they are part of the team, and part of the solution for their child.

Pricing:  Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Small group/Individual Teacher Support:

  1. Initial Online Training - This training will be live with a Perceptions Math trainer to cover content areas desired.  Length of each session is dependent upon specific needs of the group/teacher.
  2. In-Class Online Support - A Perceptions Math trainer can join your class instruction time to help develop an understanding of how instruction in the classroom can be done using a multi-sensory methodology.

Pricing: Please contact us to discuss your options.

"The content shared was very strong. The Math Practice Standards were covered extensively and the deeper ideas of what a mathematician should be doing in the classroom were the core of this workshop." - Teacher Country Day School, Costa Rica

"In our training and support to intervention specialists in the region an overwhelming request was for more training is strategies to teach math. We chose training to meet this need because it provides those strategies that Intervention Specialists can use to deliver the specially designed instruction defined in IEPs as "using a multi-sensory approach...." The training will enable them to teach students the math concepts that they currently lack.
Furthermore, teachers themselves gave highly positive reports about the methods and structure and are excited to begin using the strategies  to teach math using kinesthetic, visual, auditory, and verbal approaches." - Eric C. Humston,  State Support Team, Region 15, Ross-Pike ESD Ohio

"The training was an eye-opener. I continually found myself saying, "Wow, why didn't someone teach it to me this way?" It made sense and seemed so obvious that this was what we were missing. I wasn't expecting to learn so much myself either. I couldn't wait to try it with my students. I wondered if they would be as excited, would the vocabulary confuse them, and etc. It did not take long to get answers. The vocabulary was not a problem for the students at all. It was awkward for me at first, but I was committed and stuck to it.
This teacher is a huge fan because of what I've seen with my students in such a short time. They are engaged in their learning, excited to learn, and proud of their growth. If our group time has to be missed for some reason, they are upset and want to know why. They watch the clock in their classrooms and even try to come early for their group time. What else could I ask for as a teacher?
There is still so much for me to learn with the program and I'm excited. Change is always scary but I know that ...... you are there every step of the way. Thank you!" - Leslie Allen, Math Interventionist, Garland TX