Perceptions Blue Curriculum

Perceptions Blue is focused on the operations of Multiplication (including Multiple-Digit Multiplication with Regrouping), Division (including through Long Division with Remainders), Ratios, and Fractions (Equivalencies, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division) along with Mixed Numbers, & lots more!

In an RTI/MTSS Setting, Perceptions was designed as a 16-week Intensive Math Intervention at Tier-2 or a Supplemental Instructional Curriculum at Tier-3. However, the length of time you choose to teach this program is ultimately up to you.


For the Perceptions Blue Scope & Sequence, Click Here.

Before Beginning Perceptions Blue, Click Here to Give Your Students the Placement Test to Ensure They Are Ready! If They Are Struggling, Please Consider Beginning with Perceptions Green.

Click Here for Sample Instruction & Student Pages for Video Lesson Below:

Materials Needed for Perceptions Blue

Perceptions Blue Instruction Manual

One is Necessary per Instructor

US Edition: $50

US Edition of the Instruction Manual PLUS One Year of Blue Videos: $75

Perceptions Blue Student Book

One is Necessary per Student

US Edition: $25

Perceptions Blue Video Subscription for 1-Year

One Subscription is Necessary per Instructor

US Pricing: $25

(Multi-Subscription Discount Available)

MasterPieces Manipulatives

One Set is Needed for the Instructor. One Set is Preferred for Each Student, However, One Set per Two Students in a Classroom Setting will Work

US Pricing: $80

MasterFraction Manipulatives

One Set is Needed for the Instructor. One Set is Needed Per Student.

US Pricing: $35


Perceptions Math Cards & Games

Master eTools

The COMBO Kit includes everything you need for both the Perceptions Green and Perceptions Blue Levels! Click Here For More Information!

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