The Perceptions Math Program is a Multi-Sensory, Video-Based Curriculum Offering Curriculum, Instruction, and Amazing Math Manipulatives!  

Mastery is Teaching Back what You Have Been Taught!


Do you need a Tier 2 or Tier 3 Intervention Program?  Would Professional Development be helpful?  
Look No Further!

Parents & Homeschoolers

Are your students struggling with math skills?  
Do your students need a review before moving on?  We've got what you need!


Do you have struggling students?  
Are you looking for a curriculum to assist with refreshing or brushing up on forgotten skills?  
Check us out! 

Our Testimonials

What People Are Saying About the MasterPieces! "You literally took all of my tools that I have in my room – Unifix Cubes, base 10 blocks, Cuisenaire Rods, counters of all sorts, and Legos and replaced all of them with a simplified and fun tool."
- Missy Schaller, Jemicy School Teacher
What People Are Saying About MasterFractions!       "I am sure that you have heard this before but we were dreading the training… great… another guy teaching us how to teach… yay… and then you blew our minds over and over." 
- Robert May, High School Math Teacher
What People Are Saying About Master eTools!
These are amazing! Since my students don't have access to their physical manipulatives, these work wonderfully.  We all know, virtual manipulatives don't meet the kinesthetic need of the student, but in these days where education is online, these are the next best thing!   Thank you for making these available!

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