Math Manipulatives

The MASTERPIECES are Base Ten Blocks on Steroids!

The MasterPieces (Base 10 Blocks on Steroids) transcend grade levels and bring you the most powerful math manipulative ever created!

  • Stackability of Unifix Cubes®
  • Number Values of Cuisenaire Rods®
  • Place Value of Base Ten Blocks

The MasterPieces will make learning Numbers, Values, Counting, Sequencing, Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Telling Time, Money,    Negative Numbers, and Much and easy to teach!

MasterPieces are colorful, multi-unit blocks that are made out of molded ABS plastic. Each set comes with twenty 1s, twenty 10s, fourteen 5s, and ten each of the 2s, 3s, 4s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, and 100s blocks.

MasterPieces can be used to supplement any curriculum!

For the Perceptions Math Curriculum, both the Green Level and Blue Level use the MasterPieces. 

For additional information and a sample video of how the MasterPieces will benefit your students, please click here.


MasterFractions Make Sense of Fractions

MasterFractions are a colorful, multi-piece set of squares, rectangles, and clear overlays that are designed to bring both quick and easy understanding to fractions.  They allow students to see fractions in a way that is easy to understand and see how the concepts work.  Operations of equivalencies, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and much more can be clearly demonstrated and taught.

MasterFractions bring the concepts learned in whole numbers and covey them into rational numbers.

Each set comes with halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, and tenths clear plastic overlays along with corresponding solid pieces to demonstrate fractions, improper fractions, and mixed numbers. 

For additional information and a sample video of how the MasterFractions will benefit your students, please click here.

US PRICING: $35.00

Master eTools

MasterPieces & MasterFractions in a Virtual Form

While NOTHING can replace the hands-on, tactile, and kinesthetic connections that the physical MasterPieces and MasterFractions can create, the Master eTool Virtual Manipulatives can provide you with ways to present concepts on smartboards and other applications to show larger groups or to allow students to have access to the virtual manipulatives when they don't have access to their physical manipulatives. 

All of the MasterPieces are available to you as a virtual tool! So, if you can build it with the MasterPieces, you can build it with the Master eTools Manipulatives!

Also, all of the MasterFractions are available on this amazing virtual tool.  Again, If you can build it with the MasterFractions, you can build it with these virtual manipulatives!!

For additional information and samples videos of how the Master eTools will benefit your students, please click here.

US PRICING: $10.00 (Classroom Pricing Available)

Perceptions Math Flash Cards

Downloadable Flash Cards and Games to enhance learning while having fun.  Although these sets may be purchased separately, the Bundle is the best value.  With over 3,200 Flash Cards and Game Pieces, the value is tremendous. 

Numeral & Shape Recognition Cards and Games:  There are over 235 different cards to have fun while learning to count, subitize, recognize numbers, names, and shapes. 

Place Value Cards and Games:  There are over 1,200 cards ranging from single-digit to trip-digit place value cards! These include the MasterPieces Base Ten Representations, Expanded Form, Standard Form, and Written Form! 

Telling Time Cards and Games:  There are over 800 cards which include the Perceptions Math Block Clocks, Analog Clocks, Digital Clocks, and Time Written in Words.  

Fraction Cards and Games:  There are over 225 cards to assist with fraction recognition using both the MasterFractions Representations as well as fractions based on circles and pictorial representations.  It includes Written Expressions of Fractions as well as cards to allow students to Reduce/Simplify.  

Addition & Subtraction Cards & Games (not shown):  There are over 400 cards with Addition and Subtraction Problems along with Cards to show Equals, Greater Than, and Less Than.

For additional information and samples of the Perceptions Math Flash Cards and Games, please click here.

If purchased separately, $25.00. On Sale, the Bundle (all 5 sets shown above) is only $15.00! 

Please note that these downloadable card sets are authorized for ONE teacher in ONE classroom.  One set will need to be purchased for each classroom unless a school subscription is purchased. 

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