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Confidence You Can See!

I Know You Want More for Your Child!

I want to talk to you about how to make math easy and I want to make you a SPECIAL OFFER for You!

 Lets start making math easier!

  • Let me show you how to make math connections quickly over multiple grade levels.
  • Let me give you a way to feel confident in your ability to teach math.
  • Let me MAKE YOU AN OFFER to help you change the way you look at math.
  • I want you to start making a difference in your students TOMORROW!

MasterPieces Math Kit with Math Learning Academy Access!


Plus a 1-year subscription to the 1st Grade Video Instruction and Access to the Instruction Manual Content in the Math Learning Academy!

Here is what you get!

The MasterPieces

Mastery Math Manipulatives

Amazing Features!

  • The Stackability of Unifix Cubes
  • Place Value of Base Ten Blocks
  • Number Values of Cuisenaire Rods


  • Written Number Representations
  • Color Coding for Every Value
  • Both Positive and Negative Numbers

Full Set of MasterPieces includes:

  • 20 Unit Cubes
  • 10 Two-bars
  • 10 Three-bars
  • 10 Four-bars
  • 14 Five-bars
  • 10 Six-bars
  • 10 Seven-bars
  • 10 Eight-bars
  • 10 Nine-bars
  • 20 Ten-bars
  • 10 Hundred Blocks 

MasterPieces Make Connections

Making connections in math is critical!

Understanding how to make those connections is a skill every teacher needs!

Change your classroom!

Build understanding in your students!

Give your students a positive attitude about math!

Make math fun and easy!

Create confidence in yourself and your students!


Make YOU a Math Super Hero!

Access to Math Learning Academy for 1st Grade Math Concepts!

Content Specifically Written to Help You Teach Math!


  • Utilizing Research-based Methods of Instruction
  • Delivering Explicit, Systematic, and Direct Instruction
  • Hands-on Presentation so You Can See How To Confidently Teach!
  • Teach the Concepts of Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, and Algebra!

 Changing How You and Your Students - SEE MATH!


  • Developing Strong Knowledge of Key Mathematical Concepts and Processes
  • Increasing Conceptual Knowledge in Both Students and Teachers
  • Confidence in the Methods of Instruction
  • Understanding of the Complete Mathematical Vocabulary Students Need to Comprehend
  • Confidence in Checking Work and Understanding the Expectations of Each Problem

Comprehensive Instructional Videos

Over One Hour of Video Lesson Instruction!

Math Concepts for 1st Grade Made Easy!

Direct, Explicit Instruction Clearly Demonstrating How to Use the MasterPieces!

Clear Illustrations

Specific, Hands-on Engagement with Whoever is Watching the Videos

Designed for BOTH Teacher and Student to Watch

Concepts Include:

  • The Decimal System
  • Place Value
  • Skip Counting x2, x5, x10
  • Addition
  • What Does the Addition Sign Mean?
  • What Does the Equal Sign Mean?
  • Commutative Property
  • Regrouping
  • Associative Property
  • Odd & Even Numbers
  • Math Facts
  • Missing Addends/Solving for Unknown
  • Math Terms for Word Problems
  • Inequalities
  • Understanding How to Use Number Lines
  • What do the Symbols for Inequalities Really Mean?

Now I want you to imagine . . .

Create a picture in your mind of your students being taught by you, using these materials, and feeling confident.

Imagine you go to your class setting and you feel confident knowing you have the tools and training to teach math in a powerfully connected way!

Imagine the end of the day, when your students leave and they feel successful because you have the right tools!

Imagine you leaving the school/office and you know that you made a difference in math.

Imagine how you will feel having your student succeed in math!  I KNOW BECAUSE I FEEL GREAT!

You Must Act Quickly!

See Your Success Happening Now!

MasterPieces Math Kit with Math Learning Academy Access!


  • Full Set of MasterPieces
  • Access to the Math Learning Academy for 1st Grade Math Concepts!
  • Access to the Comprehensive Video Instruction 
  • Understanding of Key Math Concepts: Place Value, Addition and Solving for Unknowns!
  • Free Shipping!