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The MasterPieces, MasterFractions, and Perceptions Math Curriculum once sold by Teach4Mastery are now being sold by Perceptions Math.

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Perceptions Green Level

Green is for math skills found in the 1st to 3rd grade students. Starting with place value and moving to addition, subtraction, telling time, money, measurement, regrouping, multiplication, division, data, and beginning fractions. (1st - 3rd Grade Standards).

Required Items:  

Instruction Manual, Student Workbook, Lesson Videos, and MasterPieces


Perceptions Blue Level

Blue is for students learning about multi-digit multiplication, division, and fractions through 5th grade (Multiplication, Division, and Fractions). This material is designed to ensure a student's understanding of long division and fractions for high school math.

Required Items: 

Instruction Manual, Student Workbook,            Lesson Videos, MasterPieces, and MasterFractions

Flash Card COMBO Package

Includes Each of Our Amazing Flash Card Sets

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Currently, Perceptions Math is in the process of designing new Webinars using both the MasterPieces and the MasterFractions.

Our goal is to have these up-and-running by August.  We appreciate your patience during this process.