Blue Student Workbook

Student Workbook (ONLY) for the Perceptions Blue Program

Requires the Instructional Videos, & Instruction Manual

Designed for review and practice of the lesson materials

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"Being able to build math with lego like blocks and the numbers written on the side are ingenious!" - Anna T.


Perceptions: Changing the Way You Look at Math

Perceptions Blue is a 16-week Intensive Math Intervention focused on the operations of Multiplication, Division, and Fractions.

This Student Workbook - designed for review and practice of the lesson materials, is part of the Perceptions Blue Program and is designed to be used in combination with the Lesson-by-lesson video instruction, MasterPieces and MasterFractions.

  • Three Lesson Content Pages per lesson designed to provide the student with ample opportunity to practice the materials taught in the lesson.
  • A Mastery Challenge Page per lesson designed to challenge students with computation, reasoning, and logic problems in the form of multi-step word problems. This will help students prepare for testing while keeping the math practical.
  • Student Rubric to aid in the communication between instructor and student.

Solutions key is found in the Instruction Manual (Purchased Separately)

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