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"I have used your blue Perceptions program and love it. I also love the fraction overlays--I used them all the time with one group of students. I raved about it to my colleagues, and they want to know more!" - K. Vance


Perceptions: Changing the Way You Look at Math

Perceptions Green is a 16-week Intensive Math Intervention focused on the operations of Addition and Subtraction Facts, Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping, Multiplication Facts, Division Facts, Telling time along with Elapsed Time, Measurement Skills, Graphing and Data, and an Introduction to Fractions, plus much more!  

This Instruction Manual is part of the Perceptions Green Program and is designed to be used in combination with the Lesson-by-Lesson Video Instruction, the Perceptions Green Student Book, and the MasterPieces.

Using the Construct, Express, & Apply methodology, students and instructors learn how to construct and express concepts and operations, and then apply reasoning into real world scenarios creating a powerful learning environment.

Scope & Sequence

Unit 1 - Place Value & Addition
Lesson 1: Decimal System/Place Value/Skip Count x10
Lesson 2: Addition/Commutative Property/Facts +0, +1, +2
Lesson 3: Addition with Regrouping/Facts +8, +9
Lesson 4: Associative Property/Skip Count x2/Odd & Even Facts for Doubles & Doubles +1
Lesson 5: Missing Addends/Solving for Unknown/Final + Facts
Lesson 6: Number Lines/Inequalities/Skip Count x5 Measurement

Unit 2 - Time, Money, Data, & Regrouping
Lesson 7: Telling Time
Lesson 8: Money/Multi-Digit Addition without Regrouping
Lesson 9: Addition with Regrouping/Column Addition Metric Measure
Lesson 10: Data/Tally Marks/Line Plots/Pictographs
Lesson 11: Polygons-Shapes Used in Math/Perimeter
Lesson 12: Addition of Tens and Hundreds with Regrouping Metrics/Place Value through Billions
Lesson 13: Estimating/Approximating/Rounding More Column Addition
Lesson 14: Data/Bar Graphs/Venn Diagrams

Unit 3 - Subtraction & Beginning Fractions
Lesson 15: Subtraction-Finding the Difference/Adding Up/Facts -0, -1, -2, -3
Lesson 16: Subtraction with Regrouping/One-Half & One-Fourth/Facts -4, -5
Lesson 17: One-Third & One-Sixth/Facts -6,-7
Lesson 18: Repeated Addition/Facts -8,-9
Lesson 19: Subtraction with Regrouping to 100/Mental Math +10, +100, -10, -100
Lesson 20: Subtraction with Regrouping through the 1000s

Unit 4 – Multiplication Facts & Measurement
Lesson 21: More Polygons/Skip Counting x3, x4/Perimeter
Lesson 22: Multiplication/Area/Facts x0, x1, x2
Lesson 23: Commutative Property/Symbols/Measurement/Facts x3
Lesson 24: Measurement/Facts x5, x10
Lesson 25: Associative Property/Distributive Property/Facts x4, x8
Lesson 26: Measuring Centimeters/Line Plots/Facts x6
Lesson 27: Perimeter vs. Area/Facts x9, x7

Unit 5 – Factoring, Division, Fractions, & Elapsed Time
Lesson 28: Factoring/Beginning Division
Lesson 29: Solving for Unknown/Facts ÷0, ÷1, ÷2, ÷3
Lesson 30: Elapsed Time/Facts ÷5, ÷10
Lesson 31: Beginning Fractions/Facts ÷4, ÷8
Lesson 32: Fractional Number Line/ Whole Numbers as Fractions/Facts ÷6, ÷7, ÷9
Lesson 33: Equivalent Fractions/Fraction Inequalities

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