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1 Year Subscription to Blue Level Video Instruction with access to the Master e-Tools Virtual Manipulatives

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Perceptions: Changing the Way You Look at Math

1 Year Subscription to the Blue Level Video Instructional Videos

Perceptions Blue is a 16-week Intensive Math Intervention focused on the Operations of Multiplication, Division, and Fractions which includes Multiple-Digit Multiplication with Regrouping, Long Division with Remainders, and Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division of Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Improper Fractions, plus much more!  

This Instruction Manual is part of the Perceptions Blue Program and is designed to be used in combination with the Lesson-by-Lesson Video Instruction,  Perceptions Blue Student Book, MasterPieces, and MasterFractions.

Using the Construct, Express, & Apply methodology, students and instructors learn how to construct and express concepts and operations, and then apply reasoning into real world scenarios creating a powerful learning environment.


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