Perceptions Green ~ Unit 1 Videos & Tests

Before each Unit, you will find Pre-Tests and Post-Tests. These can be given to test your student's knowledge if data-driven information is needed. Otherwise, you would only need to use the Post-Test to ensure your student retained the knowledge gained. Please note that the Pre-Test and Post Tests are identical in order to obtain the best post-data possible.

GREEN PLACEMENT TEST: This is to show if a student is ready to begin the Perceptions Green Level. If a student's reading skills do not match their math skills, please feel free to read the test to the student and make accommodations where necessary. Click Here for the Green Placement Test.

GREEN LEVEL UNIT 1 TEST: In the beginning, this test is given to assess a student's ability in the topics about to be covered. After the lessons, they show the progress a student made during the lesson. Click Here for the Green Unit 1 Pre-Post Test.


After finishing Lesson 6, please click here to take your Unit 1 Post-Test!

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