Perceptions Blue

Perceptions-Blue is focused on the operations of Multiplication, Division, and Fractions.

In an RTI/MTSS setting it can be used as a 16-week intensive intervention as a Tier-2

or a supplemental intervention at Tier-3 or in Exceptional Student settings.  

Overview of Green and Blue Levels

Overview of Instruction Manuals

Overview of Student Workbooks


Lesson-by-lesson video instruction combined with the MasterPieces and MasterFractions
are designed to provide a launching platform for instructors to develop differentiated instructional approaches for students.

Blue Scope & Sequence

Common Core and State Standards Correlations  

Perceptions Blue is designed to cover the concepts of Multiplication, Division, and Fractions through 5th grade.  We have the complete listing broken down by Common Core and Non-Common Core states. 

Research Basis 

--> START HERE - Perceptions-Blue Placement Test & Solutions

This test will determine if the student already has the pre-requisite skills to do Perceptions Blue. Students should score higher than 80% and demonstrate proficiency on the problems to start the program.

How To Use Perceptions Blue

The Perceptions materials are uniquely designed and are ideal for 1-on-1 or  small group settings.  

SAMPLE Progress Monitoring Preceptions Blue Landscape View


Using the Construct, Express, & Apply methodology, students and instructors learn how to construct and express concepts and operations, and then apply reasoning into real world scenarios creating a powerful learning environment.