Master e-Tools! Virtual Manipulatives Non-Member!


MasterPieces and MasterFractions in a Virtual Form! Nothing can replace the hands-on tactile and kinesthetic connections that the physical MasterPieces and MasterFractions can create, But, the Master e-Tools can provide you with ways to present things on smartboards or other applications to show larger groups. 

This page gives you access to the awesome Master e-Tools!

This is a powerful tool that can work with the MasterPieces and MasterFractions!

It also can work on a Smartboard.

Access to this page is granted once you purchase one of the levels of material.

Note: It is best used on a desktop. The Master eTools may not work on all tablets.

MastereTools MasterPieces

All of the MasterPieces are available to you as a virtual tool!

  • Unlimited Pieces
  • Re-size the Screen with the Zoom Feature
  • Flip the Pieces to Show Take-Away/Negatives
  • Build Larger Problems

All of the MasterFractions are available to you as a virtual tool!

  • Halves
  • Thirds
  • Fourths,
  • Fifths
  • Sixths
  • Sevenths
  • Eighths
  • Nineths
  • Tenths
  • Hundredths

Plus all of the combinations those overlays make! Create any fraction in seconds! 

MastereTools MasterFractions