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My Story:

My early math education was awful! By the time I was in 8th grade, I had been in NINE different schools!  I had no continuity in my education and by the time I entered high school I hated math! But, they kept passing me on to the next grade, even though I could not do the math.  Can you feel my frustration! I'll bet you can!

I don't blame my teachers, they were doing the best they could and they ultimately reported to someone higher up.  If they had reported to me I would probably have been doing 3rd-grade math in high school! Not because I wasn't capable, but because I did not understand the fundamentals of math. If I had truly understood how addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions worked, then I could have grasped the more abstract concepts in high school math.

Ironically, I did okay in Geometry and even managed to get a "B" grade one quarter.  But, algebra was a complete mystery to me. Finally, in my senior year, I could not do the math in Algebra 2. I spent hours trying to understand it but was unsuccessful. I finally flunked out of Algebra 2 in the 3rd quarter of high school.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, Algebra 2 was not a required class for me to graduate and I was able to march with my class. 

Now my focus turned to college, I wanted to be an architect. Yes, you can laugh because you need to know a lot of math to be an architect. But, I hoped my professors would help me learn the math I didn't know so that I could learn the math I needed.  Yes, you can laugh again. I quickly learned that my goal of being an architect was not going to happen.

I got married at 19 years old (okay you can stop laughing now) and had my first child at age 21. My career had taken the road of a newlywed dad who had to pay the bills. I worked in fast food, and construction to pay the bills.  There were good things that happened too, and I am grateful for the opportunities that did come my way.

My wife and I agreed that we would not subject our kids to the same challenges we faced in school.  We decided to home educate our kids.  And it worked great for our first-born son.  He learned quickly and even to this day is a quick learner.

Two years after the first child we had a second child.  His entry into the world was not ideal and after an emergency c-section, we thought we might lose him. He turned out to be a fighter and as I am writing this text, he and his wife just gave birth to their first child, a girl. (but that is off topic).

The stress he endured during labor and delivery created other challenges for him, especially for learning. He was later diagnosed with central auditory processing disorder and dyslexia. For him making connections between things was very difficult. He struggled with connecting the color blue with the color of the sky. And when it came to math, well that was a mountain that we would all climb together.

My wife and I had to find ways to help him learn. We tried everything!  If someone said it worked for their kids we tried it. Most were not successful for him (or his sister who came along later also diagnosed with dyslexia).  It took years of trial and error to learn how to teach him. We did find one program what was made for home education that worked in some ways, but not in others. My wife and I ended up selling that program to other home educators and became the largest distributors of that program in the company's history. But, it still didn't work all the time for him. I parted ways with that company when I realized my calling was to help students struggling in math, not just home educators. I believe there are many more students like my son out there that need help understanding math.

One day I made a couple of discoveries related to the tools I was using and how he was accessing the information and these changes helped to free up his brain to work on the math processes.  This change made a SIGNIFICANT difference in his education.  He ended up graduating from high school with his G.E.D. and complete both Algebra 1 and Geometry.  This from a child who could not memorize his addition fact at age 10.

These changes worked not just for him, but for other students, I worked with. I had the fortunate privilege of working with the elementary special education teachers of the Albuquerque Public Schools (all 120 elementary schools). I was able to learn first hand how amazing special education teachers are and what they needed to teach students struggling in math.

I also had the opportunity to work with some very special math educators who observed my way of teaching and encouraged me to share it with others. The house was mortgaged and the Perceptions Math Intervention was written and the MasterPieces mastery math manipulatives created. My belief is that I can make a difference in the lives of others.  People just like you.

Today, I have been able to help thousands of teachers help their students succeed.  There is joy and excitement created by teachers using these tools and processes and seeing their students grasp abstract concepts and feel confident about the math they are doing. Imagine seeing your students smiling at the thought of doing the math. It happens all the time with the right training, tools, and desire. 

I invite you to join the thousands of others who have learned these processes and are making a difference in their student's lives.  Seeing the confidence that only comes with success!

Guaranteed Confidence?

Yes! I know what NOT having confidence looks like because I failed high school Algebra 2.

I know because I had two children with learning disabilities that didn't get math.

I know because I tried program after program to learn how to help my kids, and most of them did not work.

I know because MOST of the tools used to teach math don't make the connections my kids needed to feel successful in math!

But . . .

After 20 years of teaching math to my own kids and struggling students around the country, I have found ways to bring the confidence I have gained and the feeling of excitement and understanding of math!

I have learned processes and skills that create hope and smiles, where none existed before! In teachers and parents!

I have spent time with experts in the field of learning disabilities and mathematics.

And I want to share those with you.

Research PROVEN techniques that are CRITICAL to a student's success in high school math!

I Know You Want More for Your Student(s)!

And I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee* that you will see results!

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Now I want you to imagine you having confidence in math!

Imagine your students being taught by you, using these materials, and the feeling confidence in you!

Imagine you leaving the school/office and you know that you made a difference in your student's life!

Imagine how you will feel having your student(s) succeed in math! 


Perceptions Blue Level Math

Confidence in Multiplication, Division, and Fractions!

See if this makes sense?


Confident Now?

See if this makes sense?


Confident Now?

If after watching those two videos your confidence in teaching those concepts is higher KEEP GOING!

I only want to help people who know they need help, you obviously know your needs.

Thank you for being listening and checking this out.


My Personal Guarantee

I give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee that if you use this program as it is designed, watching the lesson videos, documenting the progress of your student(s), and delivering the instruction in a hands-on, multisensory way as directed, you will:

  • Improve your confidence in teaching math
  • See improvement in your student(s) mathematical skills and test scores

I am that confident in this program and the effect it will have not only on the students but on you as the teacher.

Dan Sinclair - Author of Perceptions Math Intervention

Creator of the MasterPieces Math Manipulatives

President Teach 4 Mastery, Inc.

I am so confident and I so want to get this into your hands


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