Making A Difference In Math!

"Dan, You are amazing!  Teach4mastery is truly a game changer and has added 20 more years to my teaching career!!! Thanks!"

LaKeisha Williams, Teacher - Candlelight Christian Academy, Lake Wales, FL

"This workshop was great! Hands-on, engaging, and informative. This takes thinking about math to a different level!"

Bianca Farantelli, Teacher, Syosset Public Schools, NY

"I have been able to teach my son so much more than adding & subtracting - also multiplying and dividing and common factors. We did more in 6 mos than his school did in 3 yrs. "

Vikki Rosich, Homeschool Mom, MI

"Teach 4 Mastery training with Dan Sinclair was one of the best professional development trainings we have had in years."  

Megan McGowan, M.S., Head of Lower School, Jemicy School, MD

"This teacher is a huge fan because of what I've seen with my students in such a short time. They are engaged in their learning, excited to learn, and proud of their growth."

Leslie Allen, Math Interventionist, Garland TX

"I am so impressed by the care and professionalism, details and quality put into the training today. Dan, you are an amazing presenter!"

Cindy Pennington - Pennington Instructional Connections, OH

"I love the manipulatives and online resources and I am highly appreciative of your efforts. You have continuously offered updated videos and webinars to support the use of your product. You have gone out of your way to make yourself available to us."

Vanessa Avis, ESE Program Facilitator - Santa Rosa Public Schools, FL

"We have had good success with Perceptions and it supports our methodology for intensive, multi-sensory academic remediation."

Rachel Herman, MA, PCET, Director - Learning for All: Educational Therapy for Academic Success, San Diego, CA

"This was a great workshop! I loved how hands-on it was. It gave me lots of new ways to help my students learn and understand math!" 

Melissa Kravitz, Teacher, Norwich Public Schools, CT

Love it! Your materials and manipulative filled a gap in providing resources to special education teachers. Your approach and materials were unique and made sense in terms of how to approach instruction for students rather than just help them "get to the answer".

Kara Bratton, Resource Center Director - Lutheran Special Education Ministries, MI

"I love it, and my students love it. "

Lisa Alape, Teacher - Middletown Public Schools, CT

I like the set up of the workbooks and also the numbered blocks. They fit together nicely, are numbered and more vivid in color than some other base-10 blocks I've used in the past." 

Julie Moses, Teacher - Dublin Public Schools, OH

Confidence in Teaching Math!


Thank you for watching my video on Multiplication, Factoring, & Division on Facebook! 

Wasn't that the most sensible and logical way you have ever seen to connect Multiplication, Division, and Factoring?

Doesn't it seem important to you that teachers should make clear connections when teaching math?

Are You Ready?

I am looking for educators, administrators, and parents who are committed and ready to:

  1. Improve math instruction within your school, district, home, or organization.
  2. Engage struggling students and close the achievement gap. 
  3. Experience meaningful, tangible, results that prove you are making a difference in the lives of teachers and students.
  4. Raise test scores and have greater numbers of students succeed. 
  5. Make math understandable and achievable for your students.
  6. Lead your organization to deliver the highest quality of math education.

My name is Dan Sinclair and I help teachers, tutors, and parents make connections in math, to make it simpler. I do it because I, like so many others I know, hated math and didn't understand it when we were in school. I do it because of my own kids who had special learning needs that made me realize how difficult some connections in math can be.

And the type of person I am looking to connect with are school administrators, learning center directors, tutors and parents who need a clear system with proven results. Someone like you who has a need to understand how to teach math in a systematic, explicitly clear way.

I have the system, results, and teacher transformation materials for your setting.

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I want to give you access to not just the videos above, that I believe will help transform the way you think about math, but also to more resources on the website.

I want you to know that I have the tools and training to make a difference in the lives of those you are considering using these materials.

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Dan Sinclair

Author Perception Math Intervention, Creator of MasterPieces Mastery Math Manipulatives, and President of Teach 4 Mastery, Inc.

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