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Thank you for watching my video on Multiplication, Factoring, & Division on Facebook!

I know that you know how to do math. Yet, for some reason, that video intrigued you enough that you liked it and came here. Now think about it . . . Of all the ways you have seen where you have been taught the connection between Multiplication and Division wasn't that the most sensible and logical way you have ever seen?

Doesn't it seem important to you that teachers should make clear connections when teaching math? 

I think so . . .

I am looking for those who:

  1. Desire to improve math instruction within your school, district, home, or organization, especially for students who are struggling.
  2. Desire to see meaningful, tangible, results that show you are making a difference in the lives of teachers and students.
  3. Desire to see students succeed so that you succeed as a teacher, parent, or administrator.
  4. Desire to see that math is understandable and achievable by all students.
  5. Are leaders in their organizations with responsibilities to their clients, customers, parents, and students to deliver quality education.

My name is Dan Sinclair and I help teachers, tutors, and parents make connections in math, to make it simpler. I do it because I, like so many others I know, hated math and didn't understand it when we were in school. I do it because of my own kids who had special learning needs that made me realize how difficult some connections in math can be.

And the type of person I am looking to connect with are school administrators, learning center directors, tutors and parents who need a clear system with proven results. Someone like you who has a need to understand how to teach math in a systematic, explicitly clear way.

I have the system, results, and teacher transformation materials for your setting.

Signing Up. 

As you can see to the right I am asking you to signup in our system. Yes, I am asking you to set up an account because I want to take you behind the curtain so to speak.

I want to give you access to not just the videos above, that I believe will help transform the way you think about math, but also to more resources on the website.

I want you to know that I have the tools and training to make a difference in the lives of those you are considering using these materials.

Will you join me? Fill in the form to the right now!

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Dan Sinclair

Author Perception Math Intervention, Creator of MasterPieces Mastery Math Manipulatives, and President of Teach 4 Mastery, Inc.

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If after watching those two videos your confidence in teaching those concepts is higher KEEP GOING!

I only want to help people who know they need help!

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